Jess, 15
our sex education system is obviously extremely flawed.
far from learning about sex in sex ed (a novel idea!) we learnt about contraception, which is obviously good, but in a way that made sex seem very scary. as a person coming to terms with the fact that I might not just be attracted boys, I also felt that any sort of sexuality outside of heteronormative was not covered, which made, again, what I was feeling seem scary and not normal. I wondered how sti’s were transmitted, and could girls pass them on to other people? although these are all definitely things that need addressing, my most pressing concern is the lack of consent addressed within sex ed. the only times we ever touched upon rape and sexual assault was in a very victim blaming manner. if we were raped while drunk, or at a party, or by our boyfriends, then it was our problem. considering we live in a country where one in 5 women are raped, and the only way to stop rape is to stop rapists, I strongly feel that something needs to change, and education about consent to all genders is the only way to improve the situation and remove blame from the victims and survivors to the criminals and rapists.

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  1. Wow. I’m very disappointed to read that your experience of sex education left you feeling alienated. I want to reassure you that, whatever label(s) you feel fit you, and whoever you’re attracted to, you *are* normal, your sexuality shouldn’t be pathologised, and there are communities of like-minded, supportive people out there for you. Good luck.

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