Anon, 15


When it comes to sex education, I wholeheartedly believe that each generation should be taught not only to understand the importance of contraception – as we are already being taught excellently – but the emotions behind sexual and romantic relationships.  The problem with failing to inform young people about consent isn’t just the dangerous correlation between that and rising sexual assault cases, it’s also that we are growing up in a society where sexual intercourse is heavily effected by pressure.  Consent is no longer readily expected, and so people additionally no longer respect it: the general attitude is that someone’s behaviour is consent enough as it is, rather than express agreement.  It’s terrifying that this kind of attitude is being perpetuated in massive, hit songs like Blurred Lines – after all, who needs consent when everyone knows “you want it”?  It seems that if you don’t want to have sex, you must be weird, and yet the Campaign4Consent team is sure that that is not only wrong, it’s also unsafe.  By saying that anyone and everyone’s default feeling is to always want to have sex, it illegitamizes claims of sexual assault and rape, leading to victim blaming.  Consent is important because if we don’t teach it, there are many, many effects.

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