Caty, 15


My sex education so far in school has been fairly informative, although mainly focused on contraception and straight relationships, but we are used to hearing horror stories from other schools and other teenagers in general that theirs has been lacking in a lot of things- including real information on consent. I believe that teaching on consent needs to be more than just a government anti-rape advert being played off YouTube, like most of my lessons, and should be the focus for much of the sex ed as it is so vital. Even though my school has been really quite good for sex education there are still students, in my class at least, who have next to no understanding of what consent is, what it means in a relationship, what it means when someone is under the influence etc. The Campaign4Consent is an important step in a hopefully longer campaign for better sex education in our schools because I know there is many more issues that must be tackled.

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