Ruby, 15


My two lessons of sex ed taught me two things: how to avoid STDs and pregnancy in the ‘normal’ heterosexual relationship. There was little or no information on anything else – strange, considering the emphasis put upon sex and the amount of sexual imagery we see everyday in our society. In a culture- especially within schools- where it is common to blame the victim, information on consent is vital. Personally, I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by people knowledgeable and open about these topics should I want or need to know, however other friends would have to actively seek out this information if they needed it, and in doing so also open themselves up to the stigma it can unfortunately bring. By educating students in consent and the issues surrounding it, not only can incidences of non-consensual behaviour hopefully be reduced, but also the stigma victims of rape and harassment are subjected to can be reduced too, results which are desperately needed as consent becomes increasingly assumed, unless it is clearly and verbally denied.

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