Hendrike, 15

I fully support Campaign4Consent because I think it’s important for young people to be informed of sex, and not to be afraid of saying they don’t want to. Some people may be embarrassed to talk about queries they have about sex, and end up doing something which they feel really uncomfortable with. Even though adults say, ‘It’s a natural thing, you can talk about it’, realistically it’s quite private and can be embarrassing to ask/talk about it.

To learn to say ‘no’ is crucial for anyone because it can really hurt people if they are not ready. As a 15 year old myself, I haven’t ever really had a proper sex education lesson apart from one in Year 6, which was literally my teacher reading a comic about parents wanting a baby, and one in Year 9, which was an hour long and mostly about STD’s and contraception. To know about STD’s is helpful, but that isn’t always first concern for any young person. Contraception is good to know about too but then it sends out the message that if you have sex without a condom, you’re going to get pregnant which is quite scary to think about if you’re only in your mid-teens.

Pupils should be taught to say ‘no’ because when they try to say it, sometimes they can be called names like ‘frigid’ or ‘prude’ and that could make them feel bad so they end up doing something which is uncomfortable for them. Some people can’t ignore it. Sometimes, it can lead to rape. Because it’s also important for people to learn how to react to the word ‘no’. It can lead to serious consequences so we need Campaign4Consent to change schools, and create a safer and healthier environment for everyone

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