In school we are educated on the physical implications and effects (pregnancy, STI’s etc) but not so much on the mental and emotional effects sex can cause and I think this is something that needs to change drastically. One of the biggest and saddening facts for me is that many girls / women grow up thinking that having sex with a man is going to make them like them or seem more desirable when the reality is quite the opposite. I’ve been there and had to learn the hard way that sex shouldn’t be used as a tool or a power trip, it should be a healthy and pleasurable experience relished by both parties, whether that be in a serious or casual relationship.  We should only have to learn the easy-way, and by teaching girls and boys from a young age about body autonomy and that no means no, no matter what the circumstance, I believe we will be striving towards a future where instances of rape and sexual abuse are no longer the commonplace.

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