28/1/14 Voted Down in House of Lords

The amendment to the Children and Families bill that we had previously been supporting was voted down today in the House of Lords.

Amendment 53ZAAA was proposed by Baroness Jones of Whitchurch to the Children and Families bill which you can read in full here. The amendment would have put sexual consent, sexual abuse and same sex relationships on the SRE curriculum and is similar to a amendment tabled to the same bill early in 2013 in the House of Commons which was also voted down.

To be honest it is shocking it isn’t already there however the Lords decided today that they do not believe children should be taught that no means no in school as they voted against this vital amendment 209- 142. You can see here the names of the Lords who voted against teaching consent in the SRE curriculum. It is disappointing to see only 351 out of 779 Lords turn up for this vote which could have had a profound effect of the education system. The apathy to this subject in politics is both upsetting and indicative of the culture in our society that perpetuates rape and sexual assault as normal and nothing to make a fuss about. This is utterly wrong and the reason we need consent to be taught in the curriculum.

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