Press Release 11/9/13

Here is a copy of our 11/9/13 press release.

Press Release- 11/9/13

Campaign4Consent – TYFA




The Twitter Youth Feminist Army launched Campaign4Consent on the 20th of August with the aim of getting sexual consent taught in secondary schools as part of the SRE curriculum. Campaign4Consent is a grassroots, youth led campaign that is working through the internet to change the law and make it compulsory for all teenagers to learn about consent and their right to say no as well as for more resources to be available to teachers so they are able to teach this important subject as well as they can.

The campaign has two paths of action. The first is a pair of blogs, one for pupils and teenager who are the people that the law will affect if changed, talking about how the sex ed they got did not cover all the things they wanted it to and why they want consent taught to them. The other blog is for teachers, parents and adults talking about their experiences, how being taught consent would have helped them and why they think teens today should be taught about consent. The second is an open letter written by us, addressed to the department of education, the letter details what exactly we want and why.

We have recently been given a unique opportunity to work with Baroness Jones to get consent put in the curriculum through an amendment to the Children and Families bill this autumn. We would be using our letter to tell the Lords why they should vote in favour of this amendment and for this to be successful we need to show our campaign has support. We want to show this support through organisations co-signing our letter and submissions to our blog. If you would like to support our campaign by co-signing our letter we would be very grateful, just send us and email back saying you would be happy to co-sign. We would also be greatful if you could spread the word about our blogs, every voice is valuable to us and we want to hear from as many people as possible.


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